Securing strong welded joints

Welding Technical Support

In bridges, ships, wagons, static equipment, tanks, piping and a number of other structures, welding is the protagonist. Welding works by joining two materials together without a separate binder material by means of heat, pressure or both. But what ensures a good weld and therefore a good, durable construction? The quality control that follows.

In new or existing welded structures and any need for seam control or heat treatment, for the first time, we offer a holistic approach to welding as QA/QC plays a vital role in ensuring sound and reliable welds are produced and in minimising rework.

Newtron’s certified inspectors and technicians are your one-stop shop when it comes to Welding Support. We develop a Quality Assurance plan according to Welding standards and form the framework for the QA/QC activities before, during and after the fabrication process. Using the appropriate technology – whether it is NDT, Advanced NDT or Heat Treatment – we assure that daily operations are consistent and meet each-and-every, specific customer requirement.

Why use
Here are a few of the benefits of Newtron's Welding Support:
One-stop shop
With custom weld improvement techniques, we provide long-lasting welding solutions.
Welding support improves the strength and extends the life of welded structures.
Joints will yield to stress over time. By regular monitoring and maintenance of metal structures however, we mitigate fatigue failure.
In construction and industrial companies, we ensure sound and reliable welds are produced this minimising rework.
Does my industry need Welding Technical Support?

More than 50% of all man-made products require welding, so welding is a key factor in most industrial processes. Especially the industries that rely on metallic-structure assets the most are the ones that capitalise on Welding Support, such as: