Tailored engineering solutions for asset integrity

A physical asset’s integrity, whether this is a tank in a refinery, rail tracks in a public transport system or pipelines in an industrial facility is vital, as the implications can be far-reaching. Yet there are often defects caused by their operation, leading to technical issues that may be difficult to firstly identify and secondly solve due to the asset’s location, the asset’s size and shape, or even the complexity of the task, to name a few.

Newtron has the teams, the technologies and the expertise to plan and carry out asset-based solutions to resolve any technical operational or maintenance issues that obstruct your asset’s maximum performance. Our know-how extends to a range of assets, all critical in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing and Buildings & Facilities.

Our solutions help you safeguard the integrity and profitability of your assets for their entire lifecycle. In doing so, we help protect the lives of those involved with them.

Inspections, as well as operational and maintenance support, tailored for your renewable energy assets.
Renewable Energy Sources
Eddy current testing for the railroad enables the detection of defects and the evaluation of the depth of the damage.
Non-Intrusive Inspection allows tank examination for corrosion defects, externally and while in-service.
Non Intrusive Inspection
Construction Inspection & QC services ensure specifications are met as per the Project Owner’s requirements.
Construction Inspection & QC
Through NDT and Heat Treatment techniques, quality control is secured in new or existing welded structures.
Welding Support