Third-party Quality Assurance

Conformity Assessment

The methods for ensuring conformity include testing, inspection, suppliers’ declarations of conformity and certification.

Newtron’s Conformity Assessment is an independent third-party Quality Assurance service that determines whether industrial equipment or installations fulfil the requirements and characteristics described in industry or regulatory standards and specifications.

Such requirements can include performance, safety, efficiency, or reliability standards, as well as environmental or H&S impacts such as pollution or noise. Assessments are carried out mainly through Inspection and/or Testing services but can also include equipment design, installation, fabrication inspection, regulatory compliance, machinery modification and risk audit.

We are accredited by The Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD) and offer a range of inspection services including:

  • Engineering review and 3rd party Inspection services to meet your statutory compliance
  • Source inspection and Expediting, either as a planned process, ie at supplier and vendor sites, or in an emergency. We verify that the equipment or goods are per the client specifications and other applicable quality system requirements as specified.
  • In-service Inspection to assess the condition, operation and efficiency of the functioning equipment onboard or comprising an industry asset.


Why use Conformity Assessment services
Here are the top reasons why this service can benefit assets:
CA assures that industrial equipment or machinery matches necessary specifications and standards.
Builds trust
By eliminating the concern for users if the assets in question meet the required regulatory and industry specifications.

Improved performance
Standards, testing and inspection, help assets improve operational performance, and in turn, help businesses reduce costs and increase productivity.
Does my industry need Conformity Assessment?

Conformity Assessment [CA] is important to manufacturers and users in most industries. It enables manufacturers to ensure that their assets [equipment and/or facilities] conform to the regulations, meet required standards and specifications and give users confidence and reassurance when operating these assets.

Some of the industries that can benefit from CA solutions are: