Enhancing materials' properties

Metallurgical Heat Treatment

Almost every industry relies on machinery made of metallic parts, and this means they need to meet their specifications for structure, strength, and quality. To impart properties which benefit the working life of a metallic component or alloy, Metallurgical Heat Treatment is the widely adopted process. 

Newtron Technologies is the local go-to partner for Heat Treatment Services as our team has been providing 24/7 heat treating services for over 20 years in the field. In our facilities, we have invested in heat treatment equipment that ranges from modern furnaces, traditional heat treatment units, temperature control systems, and all related tools and accessories for the treatment of metals.  

However important the Heat Treatment process is itself; we find that what qualifies us as the most reliable partner in HT services is the quality control that both precedes and follows. Through non-destructive methods, we can identify the quality, performance, and failure risk of metallurgical components and then employ HT technologies to withstand wear and tear. We then check again and monitor components and machinery in their entire lifecycle.  

Newtron Technologies HT applications include, but are not limited to, PWHT, Preheating, Solution Annealing, Line Thaw and Thermal Stabilisation. 

Why use Metallurgical HT Services
Here are the top reasons why Metallurgical HT is widely employed:
Manufacturing assistance
By changing a material’s physical (mechanical) properties, we can aid other manufacturing steps.
Capabilities increase
Through HT services we can increase the capabilities of materials such as strength, or make it more ductile or flexible and even introduce wear-resistant (hardness) characteristics.
Smooth operations
By enhancing materials through HT you can avoid encountering problems once materials are used operationally.
Lifespan expansion
Through heat treatment services we can avoid compromising expensive materials thus expanding the lifespan of costly materials.
Does my industry need Metallurgical Heat Treatment?

In Newtron, we focus on the heat treatment of welds and other components on assets such as pressure vessels, welded constructions, piping and pipeline welded joints and tanks, to name a few.  If your industry relies heavily on such assets and on related materials to meet their specifications in terms of performance, durability and wear and tear, then Heat Treatment services are required.

Industries with needs as such include: