Engineering-driven services to ensure asset reliability

Asset-Integrity Technical Inspection

Naturally, an asset’s operating performance, even if this is designed and manufactured to the best standards, will not be faultless. The goal of Asset-Integrity Technical Inspection is to evaluate the inherent integrity and reliability of your asset, identify the most likely failures and then point to the appropriate actions to mitigate the effects of those failures.

This is done through the proper deployment of In-Service Inspection Management where our expert engineers conduct specialised assessments to determine an asset’s current condition and the associated management risks, such as Risk-Based Inspection [RBI], Remaining Life [RLA] and Fitness For Service [FFS] analyses. For Static Equipment, we also conduct Finite element analysis [FEA] to predict and understand how it might behave under various physical conditions.

At Newtron Technologies we offer Technical Inspection services, combined with the use of calculations, models and simulations to manage integrity and reliability in assets. We use specialised engineering methods in fatigue, corrosion and welding, paired with data from NDT Inspection and Condition Monitoring analyses to offer and implement the best solutions. Through these services, we can assist you in making data-driven, informed decisions on your asset’s operational performance.

Why use Asset-Integrity Technical Inspections
Here are the top benefits provided by implementing these specialised engineering methods:
Through real-life data and simulations, risk management is enhanced while O&M costs are reduced as unplanned incidents occur less.
As defects are detected early on, mitigation steps can be taken on time to avoid shutdown or turnaround times. Thus minimising out-of-service times and optimising your asset’s operating performance.
Safety and Compliance
Inspection data and FEA algorithms lead to solutions that help prevent failures, thus keeping people and the environment safe. They also ensure compliance with regulations and secure safe operation.
Data Accuracy
Combined physical and simulation methods assist in capturing accurate data, that in turn enable informed decisions on your asset's O&M plans.
Does my industry need Technical Inspections?

To ensure uninterrupted and optimum performance for your assets, you must preserve their integrity and reliability in operations. Technical Inspection services optimise your assets’ operations through risk management and proactive solution to issues that can otherwise result in lost time and unplanned expenses.

Some of the industries that can benefit from our solutions are: