Key to maintaining asset integrity

Materials Engineering & Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is the degradation of materials’ properties due to interactions with their environments and corrosion of most metals (and other materials for that matter) is inevitable, leading to assets’ operational failures and high repair and maintenance costs. However, in many cases, corrosion may be predicted, managed, mitigated or prevented entirely by the selection of correct materials, the inspection of conditions and continuous monitoring.

Our materials and corrosion specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in materials properties and their behaviour in corrosion conditions. They know corrosion mitigation methods, corrosion monitoring techniques, and their impact on equipment and piping systems.

In Newtron, we also rely on the employment of technologies such as NDT, Materials Mechanical Properties and Heat Treatment to implement a range of corrosion-related services. From Consulting Engineering in materials selection to Corrosion Inspection programs, facilitation of RBI and FFS assessments, Coatings works, Cathodic Protection services or Internal Corrosion Monitoring, to name a few, we can cover all your needs in corrosion management.

Why use Materials Engineering & Corrosion Protection services
Here are the top reasons that ME & CP services can benefit assets:
Safe operations
By proactively managing potential damage mechanisms such as corrosion, you can create safe operating environments, and extend your equipment’s remaining life.
Asset integrity
Protecting materials and managing corrosion issues ensure the long-term integrity of your assets.
Maintaining asset integrity translates into asset lifecycle longevity and a continuous stream of revenues.
Cost reduction
Preventing corrosion failures will reduce costly post-failure corrosion expenses, such as equipment replacement, repair works or revenue losses due to unplanned shutdown.
Does my industry need Materials Engineering & Corrosion Protection?

Corrosion is one of the most problematic issues in many industries and often leads to significant issues such as disrupted operations and unplanned maintenance costs. It is essential to prevent, manage and continuously monitor corrosion to avoid equipment failure, asset degradation, delays, shutdowns, accidents and incidents that could result in loss of life, profits and reputation.

Industries that can benefit from Materials & Corrosion solutions include: